I bought this too because this is the first jacket of Pilgrim Surf+Supply and Blue Lug collab!

I really like the silhouette of the tightened up draw cords with thicker inner!

The jacket is amazing as a daily clothes because it’s simply cool. I’m 179cm height, skinny and wearing size L by the way.

To be honest I was wondering if I need to buy it since I like old clothes and have a lot of nylon jackets. But these jackets I already have are too heavy and bulky for bike riding even though they are water proofed.

While the old jackets have the problem, this packable velocity jacket is easy to carry and have enough resistance to rain.

I tried to be out with the jacket for 15 minutes in the heavy rain but didn’t get wet inside at all. Also it dries quite quick.

Another feature I would like to write is that..




shogo nishimura(@happy_nishimura)がシェアした投稿

 putting a reflector on its back recommended by Happy-san! The loop is made on purpose actually. Perfect visibility!

Grab your favorite reflector and put that on. Overall, this is a great jacket!