Almost everyday, we get a lot of custom orders and repairs for fine bikes…




The Cross Check from Surly is one of our most popular bikes, due to its diversity and size availability.

It’s always touching to see these bikes return to the pit after it’s been ridden for a few years.




Since the Cross Check has been one of our best selling bikes, I’d like to show you the proper fit for certain heights!

Didi & Shami:Mechanic   Height : 163cm (5.3″)/ Size : 46

They both said they could ride size 50 if they tip top, but 46 is their proper frame size.

Kaneyan : Mechanic    Height : 168cm(5.51″)/Size : 50

For people who care about horizontal top tubes, size 50 still has slightly slanted top tubes.

Sizes above 52 has horizontal top tubes.

Daichi : Extra (jk, he’s a great mechanic)   Height : 179cm(5.8″)/ Size : 54 or 56

The bike in the picture is a 52, which he could go with, but the perfect fit would be 54.

Jagg : Bag Designer   Height : 170cm(5.57″)/Size : 52

Choosing from size 50 and up could be a bit tricky, because the sizes starts to go up by 2cm. Some people who are as tall as Jagg, might even choose 50 instead of 52.

If you can’t decide, I recommend buying the smaller size, so that you could still figure the fitting out by the seat post and stem.

With that being said, the best way is to go to your local bike shop and test ride a bike that has a similar size, or if your friend has a bike with a similar size, ask them if you could go for a spin.

Aro : Photographer/Graphic Designer   Height : 156cm (5.1″)/Size : 42

There’s an important measurement called “Stand Over Height”

Aro is kinda in between. She nearly doesn’t have enough stand over height for size 42, but still able to pull it off.

If you are not used to riding a bike we would definitely recommend size 38.


Kaneyan! Stop! Those are not Cross Checks, those are the Steamrollers!

Okay fine, we already know it’s your favorite bike so let quickly take a look at the proper size for them.


Didi & Shami :   Height : 163cm (5.3″)/ Size : 49


Kaneyan :  Height : 168cm(5.51″)/Size : 53


Daichi :  Height : 179cm(5.8″)/ Size :  56

“To be honest, I would choose 53 for this frame” he says.  I am 181cm (5.9″) tall, but I agree with him on that. If I’m riding a Steamroller, I would want to try tons of different bars so yeah, I myself would probably go with 53.

Alright, that’s it for now. I hope this helps you guys in anyway!

Chuyan, signing out.