ULTRADYNAMICO. How the heck should I choose the right tire!?

Yes I was one of many others with the same struggle, but seems like there’s an equation that never goes wrong.

That is…


ROSE on the front, CAVA on the back


As a online website engineer, I upload and check our Bike Catalog on a daily basis, and from what I see, this is the go-to combo.

(Look how many bikes there are!!)

“Double it up for optimal traction offroad or pair it with our CAVA in the rear to drift the corners a bit more”. It is their official recommendation! Now I see why it has been used so often.

Our Bike Catalog is where our mechanics show off their character and ethos towards bike building, so each one of their parts choices will be different. Still A LOT of our mechanics have applied this tire combination.

This means, if you are considering ULTRADYNAMICO tires for your first time, I would like to recommend that this option is a great start!

Of course, you can arrange the combination as you get more understanding about those tires.

I also used this equation for my first UD experience, and was able to race through my first OMM outing, and now its serving me for my commute as well! Please give it a go!