We introduced this tire on our YOUTUBE video.

In this video, three of four choose *BRUCE GORDON* rock n’ road.

This tires were made a long time ago.

BRUCE GORDON was a legendary frame builder in US. In that time, there was rarely frames that could wear this tire.

The OG size was 700×43c and then they also made 650×43c version.

ROCK N’ ROAD was discontinued due to BRUCE GORDON had passed away.

A lot of years later, it is resumed production by PANARACER.

Time had changed, some features are changed.

In addition to 700×43c and 650×43c, 700×48c and 650×48c are added lineup.

All size, except the OG “700x43c” are tubeless compatible.

700×43c on SURLY Cross Check

There is still some room in tire clearance.

The tread pattern is cool and unique.

To be honest, rolling is not quite good, but still cool and admiring.