I have always been interested in ENVE tires when I had heard that  ENVE would produce tires.

They spent enormous effort producing tires with TUFO in Czech Republic.

It really brings back memories because I had used TUFO tubler tires a lot.

Four months have passed since I started using ENVE tires on MASH all road. I have rode them over 1500km in hard rain, strong wind and even a gravel road beside the river (it was scary..).

The compound is a bit harder than *VITTORIA* corsa clincher tire.

I was impressed durability. Minute crack on the surface rarely appear.

Mine has some scratches, but compound doesn’t become deteriorated.

Did stuff like skidding some time with breaking. 

Natural rubber and artificial rubber are balance and harmonize very well, so it is super durable.

The rubber is deteriorated when it created.

This review is also my record purpose. when several months passed, I would maybe write 2nd review of this tire.