*CINELLI* gazzetta (S)

*RIVENDELL* frank jones sr. (51)

Just by installing “Reverse Brake Lever”, your bike looks classic-style or European-style.

PAUL COMPONENT also had mede this kind of levers before. I regret that I should’ve kept that..

Let me show you some installing tips.

In this case, I installed reverse levers on B352 albatros bar from NITTO which is famous for its buxomly shape.

First of all, you’d check the inner diameter of the handlebar.

The outer diameter is almost unified such as 22.2mm, but the inner diameter depends on handlebars.

The left handlebar on above picture is VELO ORANGE handlebar which is about 17mm inner diameter. The right is NITTO B352 which is about 19mm inner diameter.

I installed DC-189 brake lever fromDIA-COMPE at this time.

Incidentally, the ends of some handlebars of NITTO (like B352 albatros bar, B357 choco bar and LOSCO bar) is formed thin so that reverse levers and bar end shifters can be easily installed. This kind of craftsmanship is one of the reason why we love NITTO.

*VELO ORANGE* polyvalent (L)

Brake cables is along the handlebars. We recommend attaching bar tapes not grips.

I attached the BROOKS LEATHER BARTAPE entirely so that can grip any part of the handlebar.

I would be happy if my opinion become a help.