I grow avocados and pineapples hydroponically for a while.

Since they had to be replanted to soil, I went to buy it.

A pack of pot bottom stone and 2 pack of soil.

I worried they are too heavy to carry on my bike, but thankfully  WALD137

and cargo net have made it possible.

Tips for growing avocado is cutting 2-3mm the top and the bottom of the seed.

I gave it a try this tip and every seeds germinate!

Johnny who is a member of global also grows avocado, so we exchange informations.

Pineapple is strong in the heat. I took it to our botanical garden!

Due to the heat, some flowers and plants have wither but I hope this one will grow well.

I’m lazy and hangin up the net is a bother.

I put goods on the net if they don’t need to be fixed with the net.

You may think “It doesn’t mean anything to you!”, but the net and I relate well at this time.