This is the oldest catalog that I’ve ever had from RIVENDELL in 2003.

Reading this, I come across components that I want to use!

I introduce you one thing from this book.

The RMX pedal from MKS, they called it “Sneaker Pedals”.

It’s embarrassing, but I didn’t know that MKS produces the pedals like this. In addition, I think it’s been selling only in USA.

I myself asked them “Could we buy the RMX pedals by any chance?!” and then they told me “Yes, of corse. You could buy them commonly in Japan!”. This awkward conversation was several years ago.

RIVENDELL evaluated it is “UNBEATABLE”.

I own three RIV bikes and two of them installed the RMX pedals.

One of them is the second.

I think I’ve been using them as if it’s sneakers.

I attached pedal straps of those days.

The picture above was taken 6 years ago. Time flys!

Of corse, using without pedal straps is no problem, yet you can attach them.

I attached HOLD FAST ones. Now we have FAIRWEATHER pedal straps.

Nowadays, we have more high-technology pedals, yet I would be satisfied very much.


Why don’t you use the RMX pedals?