Yes, I am very aware that these are for rear.

But I remembered the staff members of Rivendell would use these as front racks. So I tried it out.

It’s easier to install if your bike has eyelets on the fork crown.

You’ll need to do some sawing for the struts to avoid the brakes.

The biggest difference between the R14 and the M-1B front rack is the size of the top platform. The R14 is much longer so the Wald 137 basket will be too small for the R14.

WALD 139 looks perfect for this rack.

When throwing on a 139 basket on the M-1B rack, I always felt unsafe since the rack is too small and the basket is too big, but now I have found a solution. Plus, it’s way more cheep than buying a full sized porteur rack. Highly recommend this.