I have to admit that I’m a handle bar nerd since I got into bikes.

I like to try a lot of handle bars because that’s the easiest custom to feel the difference and change the look of the bike.

I used to repeat buy new one and sell it if I didn’t like but since I became a bike mechanic I stopped getting rid of them. Now they are like flower arrangement in my parts box.

(This is “a part” of the flat bars at Kamiuma store)

While there are tons of flat bars, I occasionally happened to find “this is it!”.


Get around bar is one of them for sure. This my personal master piece of flat bars.*SURLY* steamroller (49) Not only the shape looks great but also the 20° angled back sweep fits great to your hands. It’s simply beautiful and useful.

I might say that you only need this one for flat bars after everything I tried.

Since I like this so much, I have 3 of them. One to use, one to display and one to recommend. You don’t need to intend to collect them but you will end up to have multiple of something amazing.

Only I can say is that “it handles great” but I guess we only need this for flat bars on un-race bikes.