My favorite part of my steamroller is very wide tire clearance apart from a track bike frame.

But for that reason, some brakes cannot be used on a steamroller.

Medium reach brakes which is the 47-57mm distance of a installing bolt and brake shoes works well. General caliper brakes like campy and Shimano may not work due to its short arm.

My favorite medium reach brakes is..IMG_2435
the “racer midium” by PAUL.

All element of this brake, performance, easiness to adjust and appearance is perfect.

If it is to out of your budget, I would suggest you DIA COMPE DC610.

It looks like to PAUL one. The DC610 cannot be adjusted the spring, so you would better the lever which is easy to grip. Like using with drop bar levers is bit hard to brake it. I would like you to use the PAUL one if you are weak grip.

Also, we have some cheaper choice such as *DIA-COMPE* brs 101.