*BUSCH+MULLER* small smaller-μ rear light

Do you know this rear dynamo light? I had been thinking that “is there any better way to install?” all the time although you can install it anywhere even on fender directly with the small parts included.

I used to install it onto the seat post. I don’t remember exactly why I put it here but one day I thought that “oh I might use a saddle bag”. Actually I didn’t have any plan to use the bag but I hated that I won’t be able to use it forever because of the rear light too.

That said, this light can’t be mounted directly to eyelets. You have to use tie wrap to install the light onto bike frame. I like using tie wraps but as I questioned before I was wondering if there is any better way.Using this is the answer.

Make like this and screw it to an eyelet.

And then…

Yes, it fitted fine by using fender eyelet.

Give a little adjustment for the cable and done!!

Actually a customer told me how to do when we were talking about the light. (Thank you for the tip!)

This kind of tip makes me happier to ride even though it’s not an actual custom. There must be more ways to install this light, please find best one for your bike!