As the name explains, this cute bag is a miniature version of their saddle sack.*RIVENDELL* roadini(57) You can put what you need for your rides such as tubes, handy tools, even poncho or rinko-bag inside. This would be a nice choice for fast and light bikes since you can install without a rack.

It’s originally a saddle bag of course but look how Grant installs.RIVENDELL SHOP TOUR 2023 He uses it as a handle bar bag. It will be more useful than as a saddle bag if you put things in your pocket like phone, wallet, keys and cigarettes.
*RIVENDELL* joe appaloosa (51) It has a cool face too.

The SACKVILLE bags are made in Connecticut, USA with waxed cotton directly imported from Scotland. It’s not completely water proof but resists at least and I have never been troubled with it.