I finally bought these small things.

Do you guys know what these are?

Apparently, you are supposed to use it with Voile Straps.

It’s basically a simpler version of the Anything Cage.


There’s no part on the bottom to hold the bottles and etc, so I was very skeptical about these. But ya can’t judge a book by the cover, amirite?

All you need to do is to screw these onto the bottle cage mounts.

Now, you just need to get some kind of strap and strap your bottle down.

It says Surly straps could work, but on a personal note, I think the Voile straps are the best for bike packing. And the Flat Bungee will not work.

Here’s what they look like on bike.

This is a picture I took on an coffee outside ride.

I wanted to bring my 1L Nalgene bottle!

I took my V.O. Neutrino that I ride as a commuter.

I didn’t have to stop and re-tighten the straps once while riding the Tamagawa riverside gravel.

If you get creative, you could pack things other than water. It could be used for heavy packing and for light packing. Great buy for sure.