Because I have to take care of my dog’s toilet time, I go home during my lunch break.

This is when I always bring my Mini Sacoche with me.

This is what is inside, as I sometimes go to the supermarket on the way.

I got two wallets, a normal one, and another for food shopping which is the L wallet. (btw, our L-wallets are back in stock with newly added color variations, check it out!)

Things that won’t fit in my Mini Sacoche, like the eco-bag or my bike lock, is taken care of by my Bike Pocket.

I use it during my day offs as well of course! I like going out with my Mini Sacoche + eco-bag combination.

Wouldn’t the eco-bag do all the work? I like my eco-bag for it’s weary character from the thin fabric, but because it doesn’t open up on its own, I used to feel a bit of a rush in front of a cashier whenever I had to take out my wallet.

And that had been troublesome these days, so it’s my current style is to pair it the two.


Using at both work and days off = I used it every time. Thus, I have a lot of excuses for getting more of those Mini Sacoche.

The price is kind to us as well, which makes me collect even more.

And this is my current Mini Sacoche Collection!

None of them overlap with each other that much in term of colorways and materials, so it’s all good (yeah I know, I’m so easy on  myself).

But now let’s look at other staffs. Online store staff Natsumi is also some skilled collector, she has 5 in total!

The second best collector after me.

Saori-chan from roll ♡




midori ashikaga(@midori0502)がシェアした投稿









I’m very happy to see our friends from roll enjoying using the sacoche. Do check them out and see their unique and lovely ways of using it!

This Mini Sacoche is now back in stock!

Apart from the standard colors which were out of stock, bright new colors and mesh versions for summer has arrived. Please check it out if you’re interested!

At all Blue Lug stores, Tandem, and roll, we have some assort Mini Sacoche ready for you, made from randomly selected name tag, trim, cord, and strap. If you had a chance to visit one of these stores, I hope you will enjoy choosing your one and only Mini Sacoche!

(If you also happen to be a huge collector, please come over and show it to us♡)