For some people, this might be the first time seeing these saddles. We finally were able to get them restocked.

It has been a whole year since the last time we had these in stock. To me, it feels like way more than that.

WTB=Wilderness Trail Bikes, was founded in 1982 in San Francisco California. The legendary bike frame builder, Steve Potts is one of the members who founded this company.

They now produce tires, rims, grips, saddles and tons of more things. Most importantly, they were the people who invented the “Road Plus Tires”.

WTB has made a Blue Lug Special edition of their “Silverado Saddles” a few years ago, and they became one of our classic and top selling saddles in our selection.

*SURLY* cross-check (52)

*SURLY* steamroller (49)


What’s special about those saddles? you might ask.



*RITCHEY* ascent (L)

The picture above is the normal Silverado.  As you can see, the logo is white, and the Blue Lug special version has a black logo.

This is my 4 year old Silverado I sit on everyday.

They are still in great shape. No tear, still clean.

And this is what it looks like when it’s freshly out of the box. It’s funny how the texture is changed.

As you use these saddles, they begin to pick up some shine to them.

Thanks to the kevlar material on the sides, they don’t tear or get scratched when the bike tumbles or when you lean it against a wall.

Here’s a side to side comparison.

They look like complete different saddles, but I swear they are the same.

How do they feel? Well, I’ve been using this for four years. What do you think? They’re GREAT!