This was my third time designing handlebars for Blue Lug. As always, I made the “prototype” with a piece of a wire.

No, I did not bring this prototype to the Nitto HQ, if that you want to ask. lol

*Top : Bosco  Bottom : Losco*

Here’s a comparison to the Bosco bars which has the same width as the Losco. Can you tell that the flares of the Bosco are giving its width of these bars? I thought this was the reason why the Bosco bras felt so wide.

If you are going on a tough ride like the people at Riv, the Bosco is a perfect choice of bars, but I always felt a bit awkward when using the Bosco for riding around in the city.

Now, if you look at the Losco, you can see that they are straighter than the Bosco with the same width. By having a straight grip area, you are able to hold the bars with your wrist being straight.

It’s like holding on to a road drop bar if you think about it. I never thought I’d compare the Losco to a drop bar but that’s how I felt.

These bars might feel a bit compact but you can get a complete new feeling with these bars! I’m sure you’ll love it.