I went swift camp out just a few weeks ago.

During camp out, I realized again that some are good and bad.

Let me introduce you good one of those.


It is hip pack.

Three of us used it, Ikura, Sabu and me.

They should have some camera accessory in it.

While I ride my bike, it would be better less load. However, we have some necessary items that we take in and out many times. For instance, a wallet and a phone.

It is bother to do that with pannier and I get nervous if I put those things in pockets.

This hip pack comes in handy so much since it has a mesh pocket just right to put a mask.

The volume is also nice. I  put items the picture above. At this time, I took an analog camera instead of a jacket. I don’t wanna put it in my wet pocket.

A bungee cord on the side. I hang a bandana to get it dry.

We have more hip pack in a couple of years.





Swift Industries️️️(@swiftindustries)がシェアした投稿

SWIFT industries has many range of those bags.

All of sudden I want one of these when I saw this kind of pictures.

The choice of *FAIRWEATHER* hip pack and *SWIFT INDUSTRIES* anchor hip pack made me crazy!

The anchor hip pack has an attachment to hang a Side Kick Pouch.

You will get much more capacity! putting in a bottle of corse, you can put a camera to it.

I decided *FAIRWEATHER* hip pack since it is not necessary that capacity at this time.

I hope that this helps you out.