Not only you can put a sleeping bag as it is for camp ride but also,

*FAIRWEATHER* dry sack fits perfect.

It could help my main bag to load some extra such as the emergency seat when I participated OMM few month back.

It’s cool to put 2 for both sides like a pair of pannier bag.I like its simplicity you can arrange how to use depends on the situation. The dry sack can prevent you to get dirty from water or mud and you can enjoy the color choice for your bike packing (it’s important).It’s fun to think the color combination of dry sack and VOILE strap as well.

I have been using it every day even after the ride since I’m lazy, it’s not too much for daily-use because of the subtle design. (I should have chosen one of the anodized colors…)

I have put Fairweather’s stembag+ with a VOILE strap.