One day, I found a 120mm stem lying around my house so I tried to use it with the Albatross bars. ↓

As I rode the bike, I began to wish the bars were a cm or 2 cm closer. These kind of small differences hit me hard every time…

Swapping to a shorter stem is of course the quickest solution,  but I wanted to try something different.

There are multiple Rivendell type bars in the market. They all have different shapes and appearance, but most importantly, the amount of sweep is very different.

The picture above is an image of the Albatross bar and the Choco bar. As you can see, the Choco bar comes back towards the rider more than the Alba.

Now I’ve swapped the bars to the Choco bar, using the same 120mm stem.

As a result, I got a perfect comfy position.

To put the amount of sweep of bars in order, I’d say… Albatross→Choco→Losco/Bosco

The Alba has less and Losco comes back a lot.

Be sure to choose the right bars for the right stem and top tube length to get that comfy ride position.