One of the most classic MTB grips, OURY grips. Pretty easy to say that their grips represent all the bike grips in the industry.

Here at Blue Lug, we carry two different types of these MTB grips. I did a little comparison of the two, I hope it helps you to choose which one is closer to your preference.

Starting with the appearance.

The burgundy grips are the “V2” model and the black one is the “mountain” grips.
As you can see, the length is slightly different.

The V2 grips are 13.5cm (5.3 inches), it’s a common length for a bike grip.

The Mountain grips are a bit shorter than the V2. It’s about 12cm (4.7 inches), shorter than the average bike grips but not too short to the point where it bothers you.

The bar end area.

There’s an “OURY” logo on the V2. No logo on the Mountain grips but they have a little flange.

Here’s what they look like on bars.

There’s really no difference in the cushiness.  As I mentioned before, the V2 is slightly longer so if you have a huge hand, the V2 might your right choise.

Here’s a fun fact.

If you install the grips with the logo facing straight(horizontal to the ground) the grips can naturally applied in the perfect way.


One more.

Here’s a bike hack. I’m pretty sure some of you want to use bar end shifters or bar end caps with grips that do not have a hole in the tip.

Just slam the bar end with a hammer after you have applied the grips to the bar. The edge of the bar end will punch a clean hole in the grips. Be sure not to slam too hard so that the bar ends won’t be smashed.

Anyways, I hope ya’ll are digging the Blue Lug exclusive color ways for the V2 grips!!