The B353 Albatross Bar and the RM016 Mustache Bar are legendary handlebars made by Nitto.

This RM017 Albastache Bar is just like a child that was born between the two. It’s gotta be a good one.

(Top : RM016,  Middle : RM017,  Bottom : B352)

Let’s break them down a bit…


Top : RM016
It’s shaped like a drop bar that was smashed from the top. We call this the semi drop bar.


Bottom : B353
A nice sweep bar that comes back the most of three bars. You’ll be able to ride in a up right position. All around a chill bar.


Middle : RM017

This bar basically has all the good points of the two above.
the part where you put the brake levers do not extend too much and has more sweep than the RM016.
You could ride fast or relaxed by choosing different stem length.

I highly recommend them if you thought the RM016 felt too far to reach the brake levers.


If you are wanting to use the RM017 with a fast bike like me,

I suggest you to cut the bar ends. I cut mine by 4cm.

The reason I cut the ends was because the bar ends kept touching my thighs and mess up the shifting when making a turn.

I could have used a longer stem but I didn’t want the brake levers to get any further so I decided to cut it. Then it became my favorite handlebar.

If you want a relaxed position, I wouldn’t recommend cutting. Use it as it is.

To top it all off, the bar center diameter is 25.4mm. Genius bars, it wouldn’t hurt to have one for sure.