After I made a couple of announcements of us carrying Da Brim, we got a reaction from people who I did not expect at all.

It was from The Radavist, the sickest cycling website that exists on the Internet…

“Blue Lug Makes Da Brim Look Cool”

Man, I was so psyched when I saw that headline! They also said that they were “Kooky devices”. I genuinely think the design is dope.

The first delivery of Da Brim sold out in a snap. Ever since, we started to carry plenty of stocks for them. You could go check them out on our webstore.

(FYI, I bought the gray one )

I’m stoked that the people around me are starting to use Da Brim. Tani the manager of BL Kamiuma also approves. He wore it to the trail ride we went the other day.

I thought it would be cool to make Da Brim become a thing for rides like this.

Here’s some of the cool things I discovered when wearing Da Brim on trails.

1. They protect my face from shrubbery.

2. Bugs and spiderwebs don’t get caught up in your face

3. They protect your neck, which leads to less exhaustion and cools you down during the summer.

See? They’re actually super effective!

I also got asked if they fit on kids helmet. The answer is yes. I was able to attach it on the kids helmet from BERN.

Everybody go cop Da Brim right now!