We often shoot a lot of videos for our YouTube channel. So many contents are going live so I often loose track of who is shooting which video.

Did ya watch the “We Love Flite 1990” video?

Why the hell was I not invited!?

I am also a Flite fanatic like these three.
Two of the bikes I own currently have the Flite saddles.
In the year 2021, we have access to the reissued 1990 flite saddle. However, back in my day, people would sell the vintage Flites in a ridiculous price.

“Yo, this one is still boxed!!” It was just like collecting sneakers. We were probably hyped about these saddles, just because of how rare they were.

The Flite saddles have so much history. They have certain models that they only produced in a certain time period, which makes these saddles even more interesting.




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I’m just hoping that the punching leather Flites, which Selle Italia made exclusively for us, will become a piece of the Flite history. I want people to react like “What year is that Flite from!?”

Even though I don’t have any plans on installing these to any of the bikes, I still bought one for the hell of it. I just loved the red logo so I chose the white ones.

Let’s try it on Konno’s Indy FAB. (I’ve seen too many black saddles so the white felt really fresh.)

FYI, I often choose the Flite saddles for bikes with drop bars or bikes that I can ride leaning forward.
This is the leather Flites from the Milano Series(?) that they released a while ago. I believe they are discontinued. Glad I got them.

This is my road bike with the Flite saddle with the CORIMA embroidery on it.

There used to be more saddles with embroidery back in the they. I still remember the all over pepper embroidered WTB  saddles that came with the Salsa complete bikes.

I’m not trying to say “Buy it when we still have it”, but I just want to say that the Flite saddles will always be a classic and it wouldn’t hurt to have them in your collection!

I highly recommend them.