*CRUST BIKES* lightning bolt break away (XS)
This is my *CRUST BIKES* lightning bolt break away.

A while back ago, Tani invited me for a trail ride. The ride spot was a place I have already been to once so I decided to take this Lightning Bolt to the ride (it wasn’t the best idea)

The picture above was shot the day after the ride. My bike looking gooood with mud.

The day before the ride, I was thinking whether I should swap to clipless pedals or not. I just thought it would be too hard for a ride with flat pedals. At the same time, I almost never go on trail rides and swapping the pedals for just one ride was too much trouble for me. Most of the time I’m on a bike bike is when I’m commuting.

Then I found the solution for people like me.*CRUST BIKES* lightning bolt break away (XS)
*MKS* solution pedals, one of MKS’s latest model.

One side works as clipless and one side works as flat. There’s many pedals like these and I wasn’t really a fan of 2-way pedals. I would always scream “make up your mind!” when I saw these types of pedals. But, if it’s an MKS product, I must at least try them!

It is compatible to the Shimano SPD. (I’m gonna suggest you to go look at our online store for more details.) You can easily detach shoes from pedals since the attaching plate decided 2 parts. This feature comes in handy so much while you ride in the city. However, the fixed force is strong enough. You can adjust it by yourself.

Easy to attach and detach. Impressive MKS!

There are pins on the flat side, so comfortable to ride with sneakers or sandals.
*CRUST BIKES* lightning bolt break away (XS)

Adopted “Triple Sealed Bearings” which is the highest grade in MKS.

A pedal has 3 sealed bearings. Smooth and durable.

It has wide range of color variations. (I bought silver ones anyway.)




yudai aihara(@yudai_onett)がシェアした投稿

I really enjoyed this ride due to the pedals.

Hope you enjoy everyday life and weekend just one pedals.

My prejudice was eliminated by this pedal to 2 way pedal. It’s gonna be classic pedal quickly!