As a bike mechanic, we repair and build bikes, but we also take care of the inventory.

The other day, I realized that we had some Brooks saddles restocked, but we were out of the maintenance oil.

Then I remembered…

We had plenty of stocks for the Gilles Berthoud saddle wax. I wonder if I can use it on Brooks saddles…they’re both leather so it should work right?

Let’s try it out.

I wasn’t sure how to do this, since I hardy sit on leather saddles, and if I did, I never put my mind into taking care of it…

So, here we are with both Brooks wax and Gilles Berthoud saddle wax. Gonna use the Berthoud wax today.

As you can see, the brooks has a white-ish color while the Berthoud has a yellow-ish honey like color.

The Brooks wax smells like soap, and the Berthoud wax smells sweet, smells like it would be rather tasty. (DON’T EAT IT)

Both wax has a texture like Vaseline. Soft and melts by body temperature.

。And here we are with Max’s completely worn out B17 flyer.

I know that I can’t bring it back to the original look, but as a bike mechanic I had to at least try.

Lemme just start smearing the wax…

Be sure not to over smear the wax. The leather might get too soft if you apply too much wax.

Hmm, at least it got some moisture back. I think?

I also wanted to use this today.

I honestly don’t know the correct way to use it but I will try something.

I wiped and wiped and wiped..

Meh, I guess the saddle got 2% of the shine back.

It is way better than how it looked at first. However, it will never get the shininess back.

And now I think the saddle gained about 3% of rain resistance. If the saddle was still in good shape, it would have probably wen’t up to 70%.

I will have Max to report some updates.