Now that we have plenty of stock for the Sandwich Reflectors, I wanted to write a quick review. The assorted version of these sandwiches reminds me of a construction sight in the U.S.

(This is a shot from a recent ride. I like the randomness of how my buddy is using his sandwich.)

As far as my own bike, I’ve always been a fan of “the original triangle reflector“.
*RIVENDELL* clem smith jr. (52)
In my opinion, those yield symbol things look good on bikes that has a lot of knick knacks like my Clem,

and I also think that it doesn’t look pretty on a slim and sharp bike. It’s probably just me but, I want my bike to look the way I like.

I was almost getting annoyed because all the existing hi-vis stuff didn’t suit my Frank Jones Sr. but thankfully, Matsu invented a new type of a reflector which solved my problem.

This is it. This is what I was looking for. I actually went to the Yoyogi park store to buy this before the business hours when the first lot of these sandwiches came out.

If you plan on using these on the front, I recommend to sandwich it like it is intended.

I want mine to be on the rear.  I just love putting these accessories carelessly, can people relate to this? Anyone?

Just randomly putting it on the rail of an old Brooks saddle.
Tie the loop with zipties and keep the tail if you want that Grant Peterson vibes.

*RIVENDELL* frank jones sr. (51.5)
There, much better.

Not trying to say which is better and such. Just trying to say it is a good idea to pick the right accessory for the right bike!

Now let’s see how we can put the Sandwich Reflector on saddle bags…

This loop looks good for the Zeitgeist…

This combo would look much more beautiful with sunburns on the bag and the sandwich.

I’d use this loop for the SACKVILLE bag.


*RIVENDELL* frank jones sr. (51.5)
Hope ya’ll are getting creative with the Sandwich Reflectors out there!