I’m going to show you some good ways of using the 139 half basket, which I designed.

*The one on my bike is a sample. That’s why it’s so deformed. You will get a clean one so don’t worry.*

First, I highly recommend using it with a porteur rack.

By using a porteur rack by itself, you would need to tie up your bag with straps which is always a pain in the butt.

And its always annoying when you have to squeeze the straps tight to make sure that the bag doesn’t fall off from the rack when riding. I don’t know how many pastries I’ve ruined throughout the years.


And now that I have the 139 half basket, I don’t have to feel those pains anymore.

Some people told be to just put the regular 139 basket on, but I really don’t like how big and deep the original 139 is to be completely honest.

Here’s my set up. I’m using a few straps to keep my bag from flying off.

All I have to do is just put the bag inside the basket and I’m ready to go. No more strapping down everything.

If I need to go for a grocery hunt, I always use the ILE rack bag.

The bag itself is too big for daily use in my opinion so I only use this bag for shopping. The bag looks cool so I also leave it on if I feel like it.

Here’s a cool thing I found out.

By using the ILE bag with the 139 half basket, I was able to use the back pocket of the bag without having a problem with the basket covering the pocket.

Hope you are making good use of the Wald half baskets!