I recently got some goodies for my Brompton since I went to a Rinko trip with it!

The products I got are :
*fw* brompton bag mini (beige)
*fw* mini velo carry bag (gray)
*blue lug* shoulder strap (black)

Personally, these are the only things I need💯

The big ones will be better if you go somewhere far or staying out few days.

It was tough for me to choose from the 9 colors of BROMPTON BAG MINI but I got the beige one in the end.

Although, I’m already intrigued by the purple one as I was using it for product test…

For those of you thinking to get another one like me, we have the bags without frame as well. Actually I’m going to buy one without it if I ever get my second one haha.
It was tough to choose one from the cute 2 colors of Mini Velo Carry Bags but I chose the grey one since it goes well with the bag.

It only took a minute for me to fold the bike and wrap it in the bag although it’s been a while for me to do Brompton Rinko.

The contents inside of bag are these.

You can see there is still some room in the bag!

My favorite feature of BROMPTON BAG MINI is the tape handle on the front career.

Before, it was a bit uncomfortable that the handle touched my bag but thanks to the tape handle as well as the small bag size, it feels almost like wearing normal bag.

That said, I miss the actual handle when I take the bag off from the bike.

BROMPTON BAG MINI → for daily life and day trip

BROMPTON BAG → for daily life with a lot of stuff and 2-3 day trip

Just as a reference!