You guys ever been shocked by how bike grips are hard to swap? I have.
I even tried greasing up the grips when I was a young lad. I tried a lot dumb stuff that I heard from people back in the day.

Now I use an air compressor as a bike mechanic should.

In this huge world, there are some people who would apply glue and make them permanent.


This is not the ideal way for us mechanics. It’s so hard to take off glued grips!!

Today I got a little life hack for ya’ll.

Here, I have a hand sanitizer spray.

FYI, this could also be done with water too.

Alcohol dries up quick and has a bit of lubricity so, it makes it easy for applying grips.
The grips might slip and move right after swapping grips, but it’ll dry up if you give it half a day.

Try this if you’re struggling!