I am quite surprised that the twine grips became so popular to the point our customers started to want to do it themselves. I think that is a wonderful thing. I will fully back those people up.

I am going to show you some tips! The very first and very important tip is to –

 “pull the twine really hard until your hand feels like its bleeding”

I am very serious and this is very important.(Be sure to have ESI grips as the under layer and be sure to have the sail twine instead of the hemp strings.)

↑ Notice how the twine is biting in to the grips and making bumps?

I sometimes see people tying the sail twine too loose and leaving the grips flat. That’s not the correct way to do it.

When you’re screaming out “Owwww!”, that’s when you know you are doing it correctly.

By doing this, you’ll be able to get those nice “bumps” which creates a comfort for your fingers. That is what Grant Peterson taught me.

I hope you guys can try this at home.