I’ve been looking forward to introducing this product!!!!!!

I like both companies KNOG and LEZYNE and they are both great.

In my opinion, KNOG is great for design and LEZYNE is great for function. Comparing them is nonsense though.

The light I introduce to you is *LEZYNE* mini drive 400.

This is really bright (max.400 lumen) for the reasonable price and it’s stunning. In addition, take a look at this size!

It’s way smaller than my palm.

Taking off the bottom rubber cap, the USB connecter appears.

You can charge this light just plugging to a USB charger without a cable!

If you lost the cap, you can buy it separately.

The picture during charge.

While it’s charging, the green light blinks.

charging finishes the green light is on steadily.

You can check the remaining capacity with pressing the power button.

Green (lit):100%

Green/Red or Yellow (lit):Less than 50%

Red (lit):Less than 10%

Red (blink):Less than 5%

Like above, you can check the remaining easily with its lighting patterns. When it light red, you will charge. It takes to charge fully for 2 hours and a half.

Actual installing is like this. No matter what diameter is your handlebar.

Plus, the thing I like is to be able to swing left and right, so you can attach it anywhere your bike

for instance a fork not only a handlebar.

It’s easy to check the battery remains. You can attach not only a handlebar.

It may not look cool, but the function is super cool. That’s the LEZYNE products.