This is the one of my favorite rack, 24-pack front rack.

The name came from a pack of 24 beers can be loaded. That feels really SURLY-ish.

The top plate is same as WALD 139 and the load capacity is up to about 13.6kg. (A pack of 24 beer weighs about 8.5kg.). Since it is made from cromoly, durability is no doubt.


It is installed it uncommonly. It requires 4 mount holes on the middle of a fork and the edge of a fork crown.

You can install it yourself with reading a manual.

Once you know how to do that, you can easily uninstall it. Then, you may think “this rack is great.” when you need to uninstall it.

It has a lot of mounting holes on the top plate.

I asked them how we use them, they said “Whatever you want!”.

Its name, function and appearance, all the element is cool.