*RIVENDELL* gus boots willsen (54)

Here’s a picture of a Gus Boots Wilsen from Rivendell that I built.

*RIVENDELL* gus boots willsen (54)

I used some brass components on the eyelet on the fork crown,

*RIVENDELL* gus boots willsen (54)

bottle cage mounts,

*RIVENDELL* gus boots willsen (54)



*RIVENDELL* gus boots willsen (54)

and the column spacers.

If you want to fully bling out your ride, you should also get the brass cable housing caps and the brass crank extractors.




And now for the little tip…

When you try to use the aluminum color spacers with the brass spacers, it ends up like the image above. Both of the spacers have different outer diameters so the faces do not match.

In comes the 1 1/8″ brass spacers!

Ya see it now?


Feels good don’t it?

This trick works for Riv bikes, Affinity bikes, old MTB and any other bikes with 1 inch steerers.