I’ve been using this bag non-stop since I bought it a few months ago when it was released.

I think the simple design and the size is perfect for using everyday.

Not too small, not too big.


I always roll up like this. I just like the way it looks.

The bag has two side pockets so that you can put bottles, bike locks, etc.

These pockets are super convenient because they are pretty deep and has draw string.

I always put my jacket and food inside the Fairweather packable sacoche and then put the bag inside the Brompton bag when I commute.

It’s good to have a bag inside a bag because you can just pull out the bag when you want to make a quick stop to the convini or super market.

I am pretty confident to say that this is one of the best bike bag I bought in a while.

Try it out if you are a Brompton rider!