…the not quite perfect bottle cage position.

We all don’t want two bottles, or a bottle and the frame bags to shove each other, right?

In such cases…

Let me introduce, B-RAD system by WOLF TOOTH. CNC precision, high quality parts from the US.
Wentz, our former staff who’s now is bike packing across Argentina uses this accessory (attached on the fork),  and it seems to work beautifully.

But, let’s face it, it just for my everyday bike.

It will be a bit too much to use a product for serious rides in our everyday commute.

We are probably on the same boat, right? Then here’s another solution by Problem Solvers (It is the name of the brand, just to make it clear). The same type of product as the B-RAD, but I but more cheap looking and less defined, in a good way.

Attach A and B parts to your bottle mounts…

And there you go, now you can adjust the eyelets.

Now both bottle cages gain their happy place!

Right next to me sat Issue’s CRUST.

For those bikes for bike packing or off-road touring, I bet the Wolf Tooth fits brilliantly,

but for me that’s a bit too glamorous, PS fits better on my city commuter.

To those who felt the same with your bike, I highly recommend it!!