That’s the question we get the most from you guys regarding the Pletscher Double Kick Stand.

If you are new to bikes, it is difficult to tell if certain parts will fit on your bike. I will try my best to explain this in sentences.

The picture above shows the mounting part of the center stand.

First, you gotta see if your bike has enough clearance in the space that the beginning of the chain stay and the BB shell joints. Your bike has to have enough room to fit a plate (the black square part in the picture) and the screw that fixes the center stand (The silver screw in the picture).

Secondly, your bike has to have chain stays that are completely symmetrical. (modern MTBs sometime have unsymmetrical chain stays.)

If your bike could clear two of those conditions, you should be able to install the center stand.

And here’s a cool trick.

Measure the distance from the ground to the center of the chainring.

Cut the leg of the stand in the same number (or 10m less) of the distance of the ground and the center of the chainring and you will have the perfect length.

Give it a try!!