Whew! REALLY close, but it works!

Today, I installed the Plescher Double Kickstand on a Fuji bike for a customer. I also swapped the bars and threw on a basket. Looking very nice I must say.


I have already posted a review before but I’m gonna post an update version.

*SURLY* cross-check (56)

*SURLY* cross-check (56)


*SURLY* steamroller (49)

*SURLY* steamroller (49)


*SURLY* straggler complete bike

*SURLY* straggler complete bike



CROSS×CHECK, STEAMROLLER, STRAGGLER. We get asked if they are kickstand compatible. The answer is yes, but you will have to give up putting fenders, or fat tires.

If you want to have tires around 700 x 40C or 650 x 47B, I suggest you to get the kick stand from Greenfield.


Now I’d like to show you some bikes that definitely do not work.

If your frame looks like this, or has a cable guide for the derailleur on the part where the kickstand plate is supposed to be placed, it’s a no go.


The frame must have:

①Enough space for the plates to be placed.

②Enough tire clearance after installing.

Here’s a picture of the mounting plate for the PLETSCHER kickstand.

The dimension for this part is 6cm x 3cm. So, you would need at least that many space.

The Surly plate comes to 7cm x 3.5cm, FYI.

(back view)

One last tip!

If you are installing a kickstand on a geared bike, be sure to make a groove for the shifter cables. If you don’t do this, your bike cannot shift!

Good luck!