Our most popular product, Triangle Reflector. a.k.a. the “Onigiri”.

They are safety charms that gives you high visibility at night.

We’ve sold so many of them for a long time so we assumed that you would know how to install these triangles. But, we thankfully have been getting new customers everyday so, thought it’d be a great time to explain how to put them on your saddles.

There is really no “perfect answer” to this but I will show you the quickest and the most efficient way. Hoping it will help you guys!

Heck, I didn’t know how to put this thing on when I first got mine.

So, the most common place people choose to install the triangles are under the saddle.

〈How to install〉
First, hold the triangle like the picture below↓

Let the left side of the rubber strap through the saddle rails.

Keep going towards the right side of the saddle rail.

Then hook the cord lock to the strap. That’s it!

If you think the straps are hanging too loose, you could put more tension on the straps with the cord locks.

Now you’re all good to go on a night ride!