We restocked grips from CULT×VANS in a long time.

This grips designed the sole pattern of VANS shoes have nice cushioning because of its moderate thickness.

It’s made for BMX, so bit too long for handlebars which installed shifters.

I cut it short at those time, but just do it corrupting nice sole pattern.

Let me show you how to cut neatly this time.

I cut it two times.

One is part of logos of VANS and CULT, another is sole pattern where the length you want.

I recommend to use knife rather than scissors. It’s stable putting on a end cap to a grip.

To cut sole patterns neatly, you want to cut edge to edge.

Here we are! Isn’t it smooth?

Then, put them on your handlebar!

You could put them any other handlebars adjusting the length.

I wrote a lot about VANS grips though, I  wear CONVERS shoes today. lol