I brought a hip pack to the OMM.

The merits of the hip pack is

it won’t get in my way during riding on my bike.

Since it is around my body easy to take in and out essentials like a phone, a wallet and rations.

Let me introduce to you the hip pack that I took to the OMM.

It is a roll top. I could put stuffs than I expected.

You can easily attach due to the straps on the sides. If stuffs was not so many, it wouldn’t flap tighten this up.

Before I used a hip pack I expected that a hip pack would slip well. It rarely slip since the strap around my waist made by rubber.

My favorite feature is you can access to a main pocket from some openings, front zipper, roll top and back hidden zipper. For one room three openings.

It has also 2 small pockets. You won’t mess up stuffs in the bag.

It looks simple but also has some practical features.

Highly recommend for riding!