I installed S-rack on my bike for swift campout.

The load capacity is up to 6kg. Attached *SWIFT INDUSTRIES* jr. ranger panniers on both side.

This is what’s in my bag.

A sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, a chair, spare clothes and a bike carry bag.

I worried that steering would become too heavy. To be honest, it was bit heavier than usual, but I  didn’t mind so much due to the racks are underslung.

The bags hang on this rail by hooks. It tends to fall off because of vibration.

Let me show you a tip.

Just attaching a zip-tie on this rail, the bags won’t fall off anymore.


Even if without a pannier bag, the rack looks really cool and of corse it comes in handy so much.

It is sold individually. I would recommend installing on a side for daily uses.