I am writing about saddles again! Particularly, “open leather saddles”.

An open leather saddles has a hole on the top.

Like this.

You might think that leather saddles are hard, but open leather saddles provide comfy riding all along.

Due to a hole, open leather saddles can be bent around the hole.

Also, it grows accustomed to you faster than leather saddles. Thus, it would stretch rapidly if you didn’t take care.

Let me show you how to do that!

The top three manufactures of leather saddles are *BROOKS*/ *GILLES BERTHOUD*/ *SELLE ANATOMICA* and I treat their open leather saddles this time.


Talking of leather saddles, we mention of BROOKS first.

This is my customer’s one. It has been growing accustomed. He has never treated it.

For open leather saddles, the tension of the leather is really crucial.

It looks been stretched, tighten it.

At this case BROOKS, you can tighten the leather just tighten the nut at the tip of the saddle.

The tool came with the saddle in a box.

You can see the center of the saddle tensioned. Ideal like this.

BUT please be careful not to give too much tension. Once the leather was tensioned too much, it wouldn’t be able to be recovered.

This is the way to tension to the Brooks saddles.


This is the GILLES BERTHOUD saddle of my customer.

This is the GILLES BERTHOUD open saddle of our colleague, An-chan.

Both have the curvature on the tops.

The way to tension to the GILLES BERTHOUD saddle is just tighten this bolt.

You can use your allen key.

Ideal like this.

You can tension GILLES BERTHOUD saddle easier since you need only a Allen key. It’s one of good points of GILLES BERTHOUD saddle.


This is the *SELLE ANATOMICA* saddle of one of our colleague Natchan.

She rides this everyday on commuting, it grows accustomed well.

You can tension the SELLE ANATOMICA saddles with Allen key like GILLES BERTHOUDs.

However, you need to rotate the bolt counter-clockwise. I am confused sometimes.

Nicely tensioned.

You don’t have to do this very often, but open leather saddles need more tensioning than normally saddles.

I hope you enjoy the process of the saddle grows accustomed.