End of this April, when the two from ULTRADYNAMICO visited us,


“We’ll be releasing this tire!”, they said,


Since then, everyone here has been so excited to try out cava 2.2 JFF (Just For Fun)



The tires arrived just the day before I headed out to Swift Campout, so had a chance to use it in Hokkaido. What a way to test it out!


For the 3-day ride, I used UD Mars JFF tire 27.5 x 2.3 on the front, the new release UD cava JFF 27.5 x 2.2 on the back.


I initially thought of wearing cava JFF on both tires, but I had absolutely no clue how wilderness in Hokkaido looks like. Thus, this set up.

For proper traction, chose Mars on the front. Got bulky nobs than any other tires in UD lineup.

For more smooth riding experience, chose the slick-tire-ish Cava on the back.

Having different tires itself is some style, don’t you think? Aesthetics matters, and this one’s sickkkkk.


My straightforward review has to be about how light I felt during my rides, and the perfect thickness of these tires.

2.2″ (55mm) thick tire grips the terrain sure and secure. I enjoyed the traction, felt as if it hugs the gravel.

On top of that, the all UD tires got a unique “chewy” rolling experience (I adore this chewy-ness) and this is great on tarmac, but also helped me push hard and be aggressive on gravel too.

Maybe I felt that because by using thicker tires, I was able to reduce air pressure and ride my bike without worrying about rims hitting the ground?

Adding to that, compared to previous Cava series, it’s thicker and wider, which means more tire areas touching the ground. That’s why I felt no anxiety when riding gravel curves, or when the bike tilts sideways, I felt the tire firmly binding with the ground.



Before I rode with this tires, I wasn’t so sure about the tiny diamond patterns laid edge to edge. I now know that its all-mighty in most terrains. Apart from environments I’ll mention afterwards, with this tire, nothing gets in your way. It’s a dextrous one.

Although this version is thicker, the riding never felt more dull by any means. No stress rolling. Non-block tire pattern does truly make a huge difference.



But one thing as I’ve noted, it’s not so good at rolling on gravel with rather bigger rocks or pebbles.

I experienced those conditions in Hokkaido from time to time, and the rear slipped off the ground, was not able to hold on to it.

(You may take this positively as something exciting, feeling the thrill towards the challenge you are about to take.)



For everyday rides on concrete paving and chill off road rides, I cannot recommend more of this new Cava.

And to riders who haven’t yet tried out UD tires.

Feel the memories from millions of miles ridden by those two, carved in these tires.