Not really a review here, but I had to share this happy news.





Golden Saddle Cyclery is easily the coolest bike shops out there in the world that we would love to visit once in our lives. They seemed to have started to carry the bar tapes I designed (5th and 6th pic). What a great honor to be a part of their selection.

The first bar tape I designed was the “Guru guru bar tape”, which was inspired by and old jacquard Stussy shirt from the 90s.

The second, the latest bar tape by yours truly, is inspired by the most famous owner of the most famous Beagle pup.

(Any of ya’ll out there have vintage Snoopy gear laying around? Those are big in Japan. Just saying.)

I made two colors, yellow for the iconic Charlie shirt, and I took the color from a vintage Charlie Brown sweatshirt for the second color.

(I only have the blue sweatshirt of Linus. I will one day get find the blue Charlie Brown shirt… )




La Chouette(@lachouetteparis)がシェアした投稿

Our favorite French bike shop also carries my bar tapes. Truly grateful.

*CRUST BIKES* lightning bolt break away (XS)

I of course use these bar tapes on my Lightning Bolt Breakaway. Love the color, love the cushiness. If you are looking for a unique bar tape, this is it!