, the bike-packing internet forum known really well all over the world.

And they’ve just uploaded an article which I can’t miss as a handlebar freak.




This is a special feature of comfy handlebars which allow you an easy riding position and not to get tired so easily even for the long distance.

Starting with B903 Bullmoose Bar which is the current BLUE LUG’s go-to handlebar, there’re so many handlebars you’ve never seen before.

If you were a bike freak, I’m pretty sure that you might have already tried one of them before.

When I look at the ALT BARs section at BLUE LUG KAMIUMA, I felt like WHISKY Milhouse carbon handlebar and BTCHN Flat tracker are looking at me as if they want to join my party, but it seems that they’ll give a great impact on my pocket, so there might be some who feel happy not to see this article.

But if you’re gonna get it one day, the sooner the better. Strike while the iron is hot.


It’s really interesting that you can find your type of handlebars through this article.

Actually, I found that my favorite handlebar is something with 15-20 degree sweep.


The article is in English, but I suppose it would be less stressful if you read it with the Deepl translation plugin.

Please read it when you have time. The number of featured handlebars will make you laugh.