Did you know that we accept 10 custom messenger bag orders every month?

Select body, lining, reflectors and more… you can get a messenger bag truly unique!


This is one of the purchases I made before joining Blue Lug as staff. I remember how surprised I was to the fact that you can get one just by paying 2000 yen more than the ready-made versions.

Choosing colorways whilst imagining how it will turn out, was a priceless experience for me,

If you are having difficulties with making decisions, take a look at past examples.


Custom messenger bags are all made by hand by our sewing team with care.

You choose, and we make. When I think like that, I cannot help myself loving it.

I use it when I wanna bring a lot of bits and bots for a picnic. Or at long-distance rides and I need more storage space.

You can fit loads inside. (Below is a photo of it with two house plants I bought at SAI.)

We take order on the first day each month from 19:00 JST (+9:00 UTC). Make your messenger bag with your own unique flavor!