I always decide which bag I bring depending on the bike I will ride that day.

I have been riding the Gravel Royal from Indy FAB recently. For the longest time, I would ride bikes with front racks but I recently got a kick out of trail and gravel riding so I’ve been stuck with this bike.

So, what do I use to keep all my stuff? The answer to that is the A-PAC.

I go to work and go on the weekend ride with the A-PAC.

Here’s what I carry when going to a ride
Fairweather Bike Carry Bag
・Clip in shoes
・Change of clothes
・Bike lock (Be cautious of bike thieves!)

The A-PAC is great because it has a roll-top closure. You can fit a bunch of stuff in there.

Here’s what I look like before the train ride.
The X-PAC material of the bag is light weight so I don’t get that much tired and it’s a great bag for train rides with carrying a bike.

After arrival, I set up my bike and go hit the trail! (I often leave my bag in the coin lockers which are often in Japanese train stations)

Ah, snacks in the mother nature tastes 10 times better.

After the fun ride, I put everything back and I’m ready to head home!