This is my A.Homer Hilsen.

Although I like everything of the bike, If I have to answer to “What do you like the best?” type of question, I will definitely say it’s the handle bars. How it’s wrapped, specifically.

I love how it came out because it’s mostly done by myself even though it’s not “perfect” (I’m not a mechanic by the way). Wrapping handle bars, tying sail twine and coating them with shellac varnish doesn’t change how the bike rides almost at all, but just make the bike even more “mine” as I can tell from my experience.

I won’t swap the handle bars to something different not only because the Albatross bars are so comfortable but also now I’m attached to them emotionally. If I ever change them I’ll decorate new handle bars by myself again definitely.

It doesn’t have to be wrapping bar tapes but if you give some cosmetic custom on your bike, I’m sure you will like the bike even more. You should try something too!