The Ergon Grips from Germany. I been love with these grips since I bought them for my Indy FAB.

This customer swapped his bars to a bullmoose bar from a drop bar.

It’s always difficult to get the right angle for these grips…

Hmm, let’s see, “You must apply the grips in a 148° angle.”
Ah, great. I get it…NO! I don’t get it! lol

From my experience, I think it’s best to screw the bolts half way first, sit on the saddle and adjust the best angle, then finally tighten the bolts completely.

These grips make you get a nice grip without any extra force. They’re great. No wonder so many MTB racers rely on these grips.

They look a bit goofy in a good way. I love using these grips on Surly and Riv bikes.

They’re a bit pricy for bike grips, but I’d say they’re totally worth the price.